Too Much Bond?

There can be little doubt that Ian Flemmings James Bond films are amongst the longest running film Franchise. However, I ask have we had too much Bond?

Been a while

With the release of the much delayed Bond film, “No Time To Die” finally happening and after a 2 year pause, I have returned to the Cinema.

I admit, I was in no rush. I wanted to avoid the crowded cinemas that this film would likely cause.It seems I succeeded in this regard and shared the film with just 7 other people.

James Bond

My first visit to the cinema in 2 years, and it is James Bond who is handed the duty of welcoming me back.

I came away disappointed.

There can be little doubt that the James Bond Franchise is one of the longest running and most successful both in terms of films, books and merchandise. With it’s rich heritage of movies behind it, my expectations were high.

Disappointed – But Why?

So why was I disappointed? It’s really hard to say. 

Technically the film was a slick production, so it wasn’t that.

Was it the story? Well, there was a story and one that I understood and followed, so it wasn’t that.

It was a long film, perhaps that was it?

If I am honest, I don’t really know what it was that made me disappointed. 

Is It Me?

It may be that the problem was not the film itself. I have seen each and everyone of the Bond movies, so maybe I have just seen too many and have become bored by them.

The question in my mind is will I go to the cinema again? The answer is Yes. Will I see the next Bond movie? Most probably.

It looks like I am going to have to await the next Bond film to see if it was the film or I have had too much Bond?

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