It is with much regret that I have noted certain news organisations being sensationalist once more. They really should stop selling news and tell the full story.

The story concerned was of course related to the Covid Vaccine.

The article described in detail some unexplained deaths and potential side effects following vaccinations.

Whilst the topic is perhaps a valid one, it could in no shape or form be described as a complete one.

Millions of people have now received a Covid vaccination, yet the article did not mention this. Nor did it mention that the vast majority of those vaccinated had suffered only mild or no side effects.

Such editorial omissions can only described as unforgivable. The author of the piece was clearly trying to create sensation and panic.

Whilst any death or ailment from a medicine is regrettable, it is in fact a normal and expected event.

Even the most common, daily used drugs can have side effects.

You only need to read the leaflet that comes with any medication to know that this is true.

What is actually happening is what is to be expected. If 99.99% of people will have no issues, then that means the other 0.01% of people will.

This is not a surprise. It is expected.

Perhaps it is newsworthy given the speed of development of the vaccines. But it should only be reported sensibly and with the full context.

Whilst it is recognised by myself that the aim of a journalist is to make money for the news organisation that hires them, this should not be undertaken in a reckless or dangerous way.

I have said on any number of occasions, that life is a risk game. We all take risks on a daily basis but we do so in the knowledge that the risks that we are taking are small.

The risk taken does not always pay off. We all have accidents, catch colds, lose our income stream etc. This is life. Taking prescribed drugs is no different.

We take these risks knowing that the odds are with us. But as any gambler will tell you, the favourite can fall at the first hurdle.

My appeal to the journalists (not that they will listen) is to report the full story. A balanced story. Tell the full facts. Be responsible.

Give the reader all the pertinent facts in a balanced article. Sure, say that people die, but if you do that, be prepared to say that the medicine also saves many more lives.

In other words, tell the whole truth and stop selling the news in a dangerous fashion.

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