I have written in the past about being present and being in the moment. One of the obstacles are mobile phones. For me, mobile phones in pubs can destroy the reason for being there.


Not so long ago, whilst sitting in the pub, I witnessed a sight that really depressed me.

The sight was a scene that should be joyful. A family spending time together. A family out for Sunday lunch. All should be good.

Sadly, not one of the four family members was in the room. Why? Because each and everyone of them was tapping away on their mobile phones.

This can only be considered as a missed opportunity. An opportunity for the family to spend quality time together. To be a unit. Time to talk and bond. A couple of hours where the priority is the family.

Is it right?

I consider this to be such a waste. More than a waste. It is also a sad reflection on todays society.

I could almost excuse the children. They perhaps know nothing better. The children learn what is acceptable from their parents.

The age of the parents and of mobile phones would suggest to me that they would know better. They would have lived before the scourge of the mobile phone arrived.

Whilst it is totally true that the mobile phone is revolutionary and brings many positives. Misuse is becoming so prevalent.


The problem is so much more widespread and this is not an isolated occurrence. Only yesterday, whilst drinking with two friends, it happened again. One of my friends was consistently on his phone. He may as well not have been there. There were only two people in the conversation. Shame.

This problem can be seen in so many places. I consider it rude. I consider it disingenuous to those who have elected to spend time with the individual.

As a society, I think the the mobile phone is becoming toxic. We need to act. Why do we elect to be with one set of people whilst talking to others? Let us all be present in the room. Show respect to the people we are with.

Surely this is just good manners.


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Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

One thought on “Phones in pubs

  1. Scott says:

    I agree with this. I see this happening more and more.

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