Oven Ready deal is done

So the deal is done. BREXIT is happening with a deal.

Although I initially voted to remain, I believe this is fantastic news.

Not Perfect

Without knowing all the details (I’ll let the experts do that) I am sure that the deal will not be perfect. There will be parts of the agreement that the United Kingdom will not like. Undoubtedly, the European Union will have sections that they wish were not there. This is the nature of such agreements.

The deal will be a compromise. Both sides will have given as little as they can. But a deal it is.

Whilst it could have been done sooner, the deal gives everyone the rules by which we are going to trade. Clarity is always good.

Looking Forward

It is surely now time to look forward. Looking back serves little purpose and will only re-open wounds and damage friendships.

We have a way forward. We have a set of rules. Let us get on with it. Let us now see if those people who suggested we would be better off outside of Europe. There is only one way to find out – to actually do it!


The whole topic of BREXIT has been hugely damaging, especially to the political institution. Time is now right to repair the damage, look forward to it and prosper.

There are going to be bumps in the road ahead. I don’t personally believe there is a way to avoid them whilst delivering on the request of the British public. We must be patient. Deal with the issues when they occur in a calm and pragmatic way. We can and will do this.

Accept the decision

For those, like me, who voted to remain, please don’t be bitter. Accept the decision. Embrace the change. Make the most of it. Make it work. Positivity and creativity will help us adapt and succeed.



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