The Coronavirus is making sheep like people. This is sad but true.

I find it very difficult to understand this behaviour. Even more mysterious is why toilet paper is so very popular!

Panic buying

Despite all the advice presented by both experts and government, people ARE panic buying. Yet all this does is make the problems worse.

Is the reason for this behaviour selfishness, ignorance, insecurity or something else?

Keep it in proportion

For me, the coronavirus is being blown out of proportion. It maybe the sensational journalism or perhaps the simple unknown. Whatever the reason, we need to calm it down. Now is not the time for panic. The time is now right to be sensible and look out for each other.

I truly believe there is sufficient evidence from different countries to suggest no one has died due to lack of food or toilet roles due to this virus! So why is this happening? Why are we not looking out for the high risk people? Have we offered to go shopping for those who may suffer a more serious impact from the illness?

Do the right thing – consider those in the high risk category

I have previously written about volunteering for a registered charity. In this blog, I talked about the fact that this need not be time consuming. Doing shopping for a vulnerable or elderly person whilst doing your own is no great effort. As a result, I believe it would be more beneficial to look out for each other. This would surely be better than being selfish and panic buying for oneself.

In this modern day an age, when we are dealing with a global virus, we need to remember our traditional values. Work as a community. Look after those elderly and at risk neighbours. Be sensible.

Poor behaviour causes others misery

Unfortunately, these caring attitudes are not what the sheep like people do. I do understand that they may think they are doing the right thing. Perhaps looking after their family. As a result of this behaviour, other people suffer.

If you take nothing else away from this blog, please take this one thing. Take away the thought of common sense and community. Doing so will help. Help the community. As a result we will all be better off in so many different ways.


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