Do you have respect for opinions held by others?

In a perfect world, this should not even be a question.

Each and everyone one of us has opinions and beliefs. We have likes and dislikes. This is a very positive situation. So why do some people not respect this?

I am sure most of us have acquaintances with whom we avoid topics of conversation. We do this because we know they won’t listen. There is a certainty that they will do nothing more than force their opinions on others.

This is shows no respect for opinions.

My belief is that opinions are wonderful and personal. I believe that they should at least be heard. Even if people don’t agree with them, at least do me the courtesy of listening. In return, i will listen and consider your opinions.

No one person can know everything

Opinions are not facts. Rather, they are beliefs and ways of thinking based on assumed facts.

No single person, knows everything. This is a fact that I truly believe. This is why opinions are so important.

Through vibrant discussion, active listening, deliberation and consideration we can build true opinions. These opinions should never be set in stone. They should constantly evolve. Only then will the opinion be the best it can be.

Constant improvement

Like anything in this life, we constantly try and improve. Rarely is the first iteration of anything the best it can be. This is why it is so desperately important to garner opinion from many sources. And to listen to that opinion.

The best opinions are those forged by listening. Absorbing information and formulating it all into your own opinion.

Please remember, the opinion will only remain valid and relevant if you constantly adapt it on new lessons.

Be open, and most importantly, respectful to the opinions of others.


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Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

One thought on “Respect for Opinions

  1. scott says:

    A really great read.

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