I recently read a new blog and it made me realise how rich the English language is.

The blog (a journal from England) is new. New not only in the time that it has been online, but for its style.

Upon discovery of the first entry, I was thoroughly absorbed. Not only by the topic, but also by the style and vocabulary.

The writers command of the English language is sublime. It makes me feel inadequate when I compare with my own. Words and phrases seem to come easily to the writer.

Knowing that individuals with such skill exist is comforting. Assurance that the English language, in all its richness, is in safe hands is warming.


As always, it does raise questions in my mind. Why is the English language so misused? What has caused people’s vocabularies to shrink so much?

There can surely be no single reason for the decline in the English language. It is likely than many people would blame the politicians. Perhaps the education system is under performing. Technology and the internet may not be blameless. Cultural diversity. Who knows?

Does it matter?

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter. As I have written many times, the speed at which we live our lives today is so fast. Everyone is starved of time for creativity. How many of us pause long enough to be unnecessarily creative with our words?

I believe however, that it matters. It matters greatly.

English is an historic language. Perhaps the most historic of all. Would it not be a great crime if we let the fullness and richness be lost forever?


I do not claim to have a flair for writing. Nor do I claim to have the best range of vocabulary. Perhaps slightly above average at most. However, when I sit down to write one of these blogs, I experience much joy. The art of creating a text worthy of reading is a challenge. A challenge that I hope one day to achieve.

Writing is a simple, historic pleasure. An art form to be enjoyed both in the writing and hopefully the reading.

The written word remains a critically important form of communication. Let us not only utilise it, let is also enjoy it.


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Photo by Steffi Pereira on Unsplash

One thought on “The English Language

  1. Scott says:

    Great blog-post. Thank you for the shout-out, too! The words we choose certainly do matter, in speech and in writing. You’re right in what you say—it matters greatly. I suppose it’s not as important to everybody. I believe grammar and punctuation are equally as important, as well. And even if one doesn’t always get it right, the intention should always be there.

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