Does anyone think that the current situation regarding COVID restrictions is a complete and utter farce?  4 clearly does not go into 1.

“What I am I on about now?”, I hear you say.

To alleviate your misery and anxiety (I think there is enough of that already), I will tell you. The situation with the differing lock down restrictions in the 4 countries of our once fantastic United Kingdom.

Politicians not delivering on their promise

Despite the politicians making statements that they would attempt to closely align. And Despite the World Health Organisation saying that it’s too late for lockdowns, each of the four countries are implementing wildly different lockdown rules.

Remember clear and simple?

If this is their idea of clear and simple messaging then they clearly don’t need the great British press to help confuse the issue (although I suspect the press will continue their games).


Whether you support devolution or not, there can be no greater example of it not working.

Even within England, the government and the local authorities are not working the same. Why is each and every tier 3 proposal a negotiation? It is utter madness!

My area

In the area that I reside, the negotiations are taking so long we have gone down 8 places in the COVID league tables at the time of writing/recording this. Give it another week and we won’t need to go up to tier 3. Oh, wait, that can’t be true because no one knows how you get down a tier.

Support is fading fast

I have previously been vocal in support of the government. I have been on record saying that whilst every political party have made mistakes, as long as they were trying to do the right thing, then I could accept mistakes. After all, there is no rule book for this situation.

Like many others, my patience is wearing very thin. For me it’s not about if lockdowns are needed, nor indeed if they work (there are plenty of opinions both scientific and political on that point) but the political and bureaucratic stupidity that surrounds it.

COVID politics

Throughout the pandemic, Nicola sturgeon has been playing political games and point scoring over Westminster . The timing of her press conferences and the comments make that clear. The refusal between the administration’s to conform on 1 standard is the icing in the cake!

I am utterly sick and tired of the political posturing. The ability for them to work together does not seem to exist. For me, they are ALL equally to blame. This is not a time for political point scoring. This should be the time for a single common approach. Be that local restrictions to a United Kingdom standard through national lock downs to letting the virus do its thing and beefing up the NHS to cope. I am almost at the point where I don’t care.

I say almost, because I certainly do care. But I want the elected leaders to do just that – Lead!

My plea to the “Leaders”

Again, as I so often do, I make a plea.

This time it is to our elected leaders. Please put aside your political differences and work together. Now, more than ever, the British public deserve clear, consistent and definite moves made based on the best advice available.

Further more, when you make rules, give it sufficient time to see if they are working before bringing in more. Surely, you want to know which rule is making the difference!

Stay Safe, even though 4 clearly does not go into 1.



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