Recent Surveys have suggested that the countries satisfaction with the way the government has been handling the Coronavirus pandemic is poor. Is this a good measure of Government Satisfaction?

This is not just the country of England, but also Scotland.

The Great British media

Many of these statements have, surprise surprise, come from the media and media surveys. 

My challenge, is are they being controversial with their questions? Are they specifically designed to court discussion and disagreement? Or are they trying to divide us?

You could suggest that I am doing the very same thing with this blog post. To a degree I am, but my thoughts are more with the understanding the truth. To get past what I call “lies, damn lies and statistics”.


Not the question. Not the time

I would consider the dissatisfaction statement as dubious.

I actually believe that the question should read “Are you tired of Coronavirus restrictions?”

I would be stunned if anyone replied “No” to such a question.

People being tired of of restrictions, will likely want to kick out at the people imposing those restrictions. This is just normal human nature.


Mistakes have been made

Don’t get me wrong, the leaders have made mistakes (at least in my opinion). Would this statement be true if another colour of government was in place? Again, in my opinion, the answer would still be Yes, they have.

Government at all levels and all countries have undoubtedly struggled. There is no rule book or guidelines for this. The government departments and advisors have also been error prone.

How much more?

If you are anything like me, you are now utterly sick and tired of the restrictions. You want your life back. Freedoms returned. 

However, let’s be honest with ourselves. It is extremely unlikely that we would be very far from where we are now whoever was in charge. 

This is a virus. Nature perhaps fighting back. The challenge the leaders face is one of nature v economy.

Difficult Judgements

There are no right and wrong answers, only finely balanced judgements.

They do say that if you never make a decision in your life, you will never make an incorrect one. This is an undeniable truth.

I, for one, am extremely grateful that I am not having to make these judgements and decisions.

So having said all of that, let’s revisit the question. Is the question about satisfaction on the pandemic handling really fair? I would suggest to you it is not.

You may be unhappy with the restrictions. It is likely you are frustrated. We all are.

Just remember, no one has had to make these precise judgements before. I would never attack the leaders whilst I believe they are trying to do the right thing.

It is still not time to resume politics in its true form until this pandemic is over.


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