Home Comforts

Home Comforts

I do not believe that there is a single person amongst us that does not appreciate home comforts. After all, home is where the heart is.

No matter if your home is small or large, house or flat, it is still your home. It is the place that you can return to. A place of safety. Somewhere we you can shut out the world and be yourself.

Does size matter?

For some, the home is a show piece, a statement of where they think they are in life. Perhaps a cry for social acceptance. For many, the home is modest, comfortable and safe. A place to escape the world. Personally, my home falls into the latter grouping.

For me, a home is functional. It is not a statement of who I am. Nor is it a statement of importance or wealth. My home is my home.

As I travel around, I often reflect on the dwellings that are rich in variety as well as size. I view the larger houses with a measure of puzzlement. Is the size and price of a large house a sign or wealth or debt? Does a large house offer the occupants more comfort? Are the stress levels of ownership greater or less? What is the cost to the environment and the housing shortage of such large houses.

An Englishman’s home is his castle.

The most important function of a home is to provide a safe & comfortable refuge from the world. For me this is my nest, my burrow, my bolthole. It is a place where I can be completely relaxed, It offers no pretence of social standing. No matter where in the world I travel, returning home is always a relief; call it my comfort blanket!

The United Kingdom is also my home. I feel safe when in the country.

Can you move your home and your heart?

I am aware that people manage to move house but also move their home to another country. As a result, I ask myself not only how they do this, but where does their heart really lie? Is it possible to move your home, really move it. Moving to another country is a big step, but is it possible to really take your heart there? Having lived in the same city all my life, thinking of moving elsewhere is beyond my comprehension.

Possibly the most important question

How do you determine where your home is? Perhaps it is your first home? Maybe the city is really your home? What about your country? Does it actually matter?

Being honest with myself, I really don’t have the answer to this question. I do know that it is important to know where home is. Knowing where you can be truly safe is so important.

All I do know is that home comforts as so very important.


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Man Reading a book


One of the skills that has been passed down through the ages is reading. Reading is considered an essential communications skill, especially with our computer controlled world. However, reading is so very much more than a tool.

Reading is a way in which we can enrich ourselves. It also allows us to escape the world for a while.

At the time of writing this post, Google estimates that there have been 129,864,880 books published in modern history. By any stretch of the imagination, that is a lot of books.

Being in the room

If you have by chance read any of my previous blogs, you will know I encourage you as a person to ‘be present’. To contain yourself in your location and enjoy its contents. For me, reading is very much in line with this appeal.

Reading a book, be it fact or fiction, requires no external interaction. The world can be put truly in its place. However, some books have the ability to transport you to another world of the authors choosing. Others can pique your interest and open up new real worlds.

It matters not why you are reading a book. Nor does it matter what the book is. Enjoy the solitude. Take in the text at your own pace. Reading is very much a time for peace and to block any distractions. Enjoy the story, absorb the facts, shut out the world.

Paper v Electronic

Many people are passionate about owning a physical book. They wax lyrical about the sensation of the paper, the magic of the page turn. Surrounding themselves in books old and new all adds to the experience. I do not hold this against them. Personally, I use a kindle. The convenience of having a wide selection of books available. The ease of carrying. Not to mention the space saved at home.

This magical device allows me to catch a few moments of my favourite book whenever I can carve out some time in my busy day. It is not to everyone’s taste, but it works for me.


Many people find it very difficult to just stop for a while. Doing nothing for a few moment seems foreign to them. Such pauses cause them discomfort. To them I say, read a book. Use those precious moments to absorb yourself in a good novel.

It is perhaps a shame, that most people only pick up a book when they are on holiday. They miss so much. Perhaps it is easier to watch the television or youtube. Maybe a browse of social media. This for me is missing the point. Reading is a time for solitude and relaxation. A way to put the world out of your mind for a while.

The act of picking up a book and switching your concentration to it is very beneficial. If you absorb yourself in the book, your mind stops thinking about other things. When you resume your daily life, you may even find yourself refreshed and with new ideas.

I would encourage you to make books a part of your life. It is a timeless way of catching some time for yourself. You may be very surprised at the positive effect it has on you.



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Written Word

The English Language

I recently read a new blog and it made me realise how rich the English language is.

The blog (a journal from England) is new. New not only in the time that it has been online, but for its style.

Upon discovery of the first entry, I was thoroughly absorbed. Not only by the topic, but also by the style and vocabulary.

The writers command of the English language is sublime. It makes me feel inadequate when I compare with my own. Words and phrases seem to come easily to the writer.

Knowing that individuals with such skill exist is comforting. Assurance that the English language, in all its richness, is in safe hands is warming.


As always, it does raise questions in my mind. Why is the English language so misused? What has caused people’s vocabularies to shrink so much?

There can surely be no single reason for the decline in the English language. It is likely than many people would blame the politicians. Perhaps the education system is under performing. Technology and the internet may not be blameless. Cultural diversity. Who knows?

Does it matter?

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter. As I have written many times, the speed at which we live our lives today is so fast. Everyone is starved of time for creativity. How many of us pause long enough to be unnecessarily creative with our words?

I believe however, that it matters. It matters greatly.

English is an historic language. Perhaps the most historic of all. Would it not be a great crime if we let the fullness and richness be lost forever?


I do not claim to have a flair for writing. Nor do I claim to have the best range of vocabulary. Perhaps slightly above average at most. However, when I sit down to write one of these blogs, I experience much joy. The art of creating a text worthy of reading is a challenge. A challenge that I hope one day to achieve.

Writing is a simple, historic pleasure. An art form to be enjoyed both in the writing and hopefully the reading.

The written word remains a critically important form of communication. Let us not only utilise it, let is also enjoy it.


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Basket of Bread


I read once (on a blog that sadly exists no more) about the wonderful simplicity of bread. The blog went on to talk about how glorious the smell of freshly baked bread is and how it can make a house seem home.

For me, there can be no more satisfying snack than warm fresh bread, fresh butter covered with a slice of high quality fresh ham. This is blissful both in texture and simplicity.

Bread is one of those simple things that we all take for granted. but how many of us select the mass produced sliced bread that fill the supermarket shelves? If we are feeling generous and in need of a treat, we may venture to the instore bakery and select a more traditional bread. I know which category I have sadly fallen into for many years.

It is sad that many independent bakers shops no longer exist. I recall as a child cycling to my paper round each morning and savouring the smell of the morning bread being baked. Even as a child, I enjoyed the exquisite odour.

When I read the aforementioned blog, and the way it described the smell of freshly baking bread permeating throughout the house, I was inspired to make this happen in my abode and to perhaps recreate those memories of the local bakers shop.

The art of making bread is probably one of the most historic recipes that we have today. Passed down through the generations. There is a bewildering plethora of recipes and types. In my opinion, there can never be a substitute for the simple white loaf.

I have to admit, I have not yet reached the level of making bread manually from the raw ingredients by hand. I do employ a modern bread maker to assist me. It is a convenient trade off between the time I have and my desires to go back to basics. It does however make devine bread and in doing so, fills my house with the sublime smell of freshly baking bread. I do hope to abandon the use of technology, and create the bread by hand.

There is a great benefit of baking your own bread. Even with a bread maker, the experience is all encompassing. The careful measurement of the simple ingredients, watching the bread rise and even the washing up afterwards. The activity transcends the ages and is such a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

Perhaps my blog will inspire you. Perhaps you will take up some baking. I encourage you to try. Go back to basics. Enjoy the experience of eating simple food that has been gifted to us from old.

Try fresh bread!

Small flower in class. White background

Simple things in life

In todays world, it is so very simple to succumb to the complexities in life that surround us. Equally, the complexities often make life convenient and lazy.

As I age, I am coming to recognise that so many things that appear simple, are in-fact, insanely complicated.

Do you ever stop and appreciate what life is surrounding you with? Do you consider the effort and complexity that is expended in making things seemingly simple? You only have to consider your winter mornings routine and the things that you take for granted. You wake to a warm house as the heating has come on. You turn the lights on. You turn the tap on and are provided with free flowing clean water. You may make a hot drink of Tea and Coffee.

All these things seem simple. Rest assured there is a sea of human endeavour and technology that makes these things possible. We harvest the earths resources, we manufacture, we transport, we build pipelines. All this is done to ease the burden and challenges of the human life.

Regrettably, most of those that consume these things on a daily basis give little or no thought about what it takes to make them happen. Perhaps if they did, the world would be a very different place.

I live in a first world country. I do not need concern myself with where the next meal is coming from. I need not concern myself with how to keep warm or hydrated. Life is so very simple and convenient. Sadly, for millions of people, this is not the case.

As I develop my blog and my associated thought processes, I have decided to create a series of articles about “The simple things in life”. Its aim is simple. Its aim is to discuss the simple things in life and perhaps provoke people to consider what they have and how lucky they are. To perhaps encourage people to try new things that can lead them to a better understanding.

The idea came from a wonderful couple of friends, who live on a tight budget but provide me constant motivation as they undertake simple tasks from craft to cookery to music. I am sure if they read this (and I think they will) they will know who they are. The inspiration they provide me leads me to try new things. They provide much inspiration for the creation of this blog and of some of its contents.

I thank them for their simple gift to me; Inspiration.