I have often discussed the topic of the great British press with my friends. As a result, and to follow on from my previous blog about having too much news, I am going to discuss the press and media.

Not only the British press, but the speculation, guessing, rumours, and sensationalism that goes with it.

22nd September 2020

The date is Tuesday 22nd September 2020. This day provides us with a great example of what is wrong with the system right now.

The day started with few facts. People started the day knowing that their was a cabinet meeting of the government.  Also known was  that a statement would be made to the commons by the Prime Minister about Coronavirus.

Discussing no news

Cue, rumour, speculation, sensationalism, expert opinion. In other words, ZERO news.

There was only one fact that seemed to have been leaked and that related to the pubs having to close at 10 PM.

Speculation and Rumour

The TV and radio managed to fill hour after of hour of expert analysis on nothing. Spreading rumours of lockdown, travel bans, circuit breaks. All of which were pure conjecture.

Work on facts

I have learnt through my profession, that the best decisions are based on facts. With facts, I can make logical decisions. To go on a staycation or not to go on staycation. To work in the office or from home. Do I order shopping for delivery or to go to the supermarket.

Is it good for us?

Why oh why, do we tolerate hours and hours of experts and journalists guessing the future? Is this productive? Can we consider this useful or helpful? I think not.

Indeed, I would suggest the opposite. The actions of the journalists has a negative affect on people. It adds stress. Uncertainty and confusion rules. As well as this, it confuses the message and news when it does actually arrive.

It is my belief that this is not only unhelpful, but dangerous. Everyone is calling for clarity of message, yet the journalists are confusing it.

Report News rather than speculation

I fully respect and certainly welcome a free press. If done properly, they are a valuable part of society. I even enjoy the analysis and commentary that they provide on facts that they know.

My plea to the journalists is report facts. Analyse facts. Provide your thoughts on the facts. But please, stop muddying the waters. Stop causing confusion. Right now, we need clarity of message. The responsibility of distributing that message lays firmly with the journalist, newspapers, radio and TV. It is a big responsibility. The population needs them to pass the messages and facts accurately.

We need The Great British Press to behave responsibly.


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