Introduction – As I grow older, it has become obvious to me that I have become more grumpy. When I say grumpy, I don’t necessarily mean miserable or unhappy, more disappointed with people and the human race. Simple things such as manners and consideration seem to be in increasingly short supply.  Perhaps this is simply my perception as I grow more impatient. Perhaps it is the way of the modern world with people becoming increasingly time pressured. I don’t honestly know. What I do know is I am not sure I like it.

In this blog, I may comment on some of the things I see as I navigate my life. Some of this maybe observations on peoples behaviour. Some posts maybe regarding personal experience. On the less grumpy side, I may comment on architecture, glorious pubs, Interesting things to do.

I am not sure how many people will be interested in my musings. After all, who am I to ask for your time to read about my thoughts? I am aware of the fact that in just one week, the New York Times contains more information than a person in the 18th Century would get in their entire lifetime. The question must be therefore, how much more data and information can a human consume? Will my commentary push you into overload?

Regardless of the risks to your health by providing you with more data and information, I am going to push on selfishly to try and save my sanity (Sorry about that)!

I truly hope you will enjoy my musings. If you do, please feel free to comment, share, tweet or whatever else you use. I won’t mind.





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