Like so many people, I am heartily sick and tired of BREXIT.

If the recent election tells me anything, it tells me I am not alone.

No matter what each of us voted in the referendum and the election, there is a majority that wants to leave the EU. For whatever reason!

I have always been open in saying that I voted to remain. However the country has now said we should leave. Twice! That is what we should now do.

Be proud. Be positive.

I believe we should not fear this change.

The United Kingdom is a fantastic place. We have so much to be proud and confident about. From history, pomp and pageantry to high tech. Creativity and skill. Grit and determination.

Whilst it is true that we need Europe, it is equally true that they also need us. This means only one thing; a deal will be done. Business will continue. Life will continue.

Let us go into this with a positive attitude. Positive that we will succeed. I believe we will.

Be embarrassed

I have been embarrassed to be British over the last 3.5 years. Not because we made the decision to leave, but because of the way we have behaved.

Our leaders in the house of commons have much to be ashamed of. On all sides! Our EU friends have been immensely patient.

We have seen legal challenges. Dubious policies. Actions that have been deemed illegal. Protests and frustration. Families have split. This is all so very sad.

This is surely not the way we want to be seen by the outside world.


There will be change that we will need to get used to. Some of this change will be good and some bad. Change may be easy or hard. If we all come together, these changes will be better than if we don’t.

We must remember that even if we stayed in the EU, there would still be change to cope with. There is always change. Change is the only constant in life.

Now is the time to embrace change to help us move forward. Leaving the EU is going to happen. We need to make the most of it.

Come together

Now is the time to come together as a country.

The argument and divisions of the last 3.5 years must now be a thing of the past. We must unite behind the democratic decision. There is zero room for infighting and arguments.

Together, we must move forward.

What does the future hold?

No one truly knows what the future holds. We all know that the best laid plans sometimes fail. Outcomes are not always what we plan. Oddly enough, that would also be the case if we stayed in the EU.

What we do know, is that if we provide a united and positive front with no internal fighting, we stand a better chance.

Positivity, determination, united. These are the attitudes that we need.

Let us not kid ourselves however. There are going to be bumps in the road. These bumps should not deter us. They should not divide us. Sensible and constructive discussions are what will get us through.

I want a United Kingdom that is prosperous, happy and healthy. Personally, I wanted that to be in the EU. The majority wanted it out the EU. So be it.

We can do BREXIT. Believe!


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Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

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