The last day of the Eagle and Tun.

This classic traditional pub, that was rescued from dereliction is closing. It is due to be demolished to make way for the HS2 rail line. This is sad indeed.

I visited this pub on its last day of trading, Saturday 4th January 2020.

This is what some would call ‘A classic boozer’. The pub would never win any awards for comfort. There is no way you would have called it stylish or well to do. The pub however was something of a classic. Above all, it had history. Unfortunately it has no future.

Eagle and Tun Tiled wall
Tiled Wall

The pub had some remarkable features such as an old tiled wall and classic lighting.

Around the walls and above the bar there were a number of aged musical instruments. The authenticity of which was only heightened by the an element of dust.

In such an establishment, the perfect complement would be high quality real ale. Even on the last day of trading when you might expect the standards to slip, the beer was excellently kept. A massive tribute to the landlord that had previously rescued the pub from dilapidation.


Not only did the pub have its own style and great beer, it’s history was scattered with fame.

Some of this fame was evident by the signed picture of UB40. This was the location for the famous Red Red Wine music video. More recently It was used by Ed Sheeran to shoot a music video.

What price progress?

The loss of this pub is truly regrettable. As it is consigned to the history books, I can only reflect on the future. The HS2 rail link is controversial and at the time of writing its own future is in doubt. This is not the only pub that has had to make way for this link.

I do recognise the need for modernisation, but I do wonder at the price that is paid. A price that is paid in so much more than money.

I wish the landlord every success in his next venture. He assured me the Eagle and Tun online presence will continue so we can follow his next adventure.

Good luck.


Follow the landlords facebook page here

UB40 Red Red Wine filmed at the Eagle and Tun here

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