We are living in unprecedented times. The Coronavirus is touching everyones lives. Of all the people that we need to support right now, those working in the NHS must be near the top of the list. So I would like to propose Charity Beer.

Like me, the idea is very simple.

I like a beer or 2. Infact, probably more. Yet I am now being told to avoid the pub. The consequence of this, is that I am not spending as much money on beer as I normally would.

I also work for 2 charities –

  • The Friends of QMC, Nottingham
  • Nottingham Hospitals Radio.

It is probably true to say that right now, the work these two charities do in Nottingham is great and perhaps never more important. Friends of QMC supports the patients, carers and staff of Nottingham’s QMC hospital. Nottingham hospitals radio entertains those in Nottinghams’s QMC and City hospitals.

Charities will be under pressure also

However, I believe most charities will also be struggling. People are not on the streets to shop in charity stores. People are worried about income and loved ones so do not think about charities. Fundraising event could be considered mass gatherings so have been cancelled.

The Idea I am going to follow

So what I have decided to do, is to donate the money I would spend on beer equally between these two charities for the next 3 months.

I recognise that I am relatively lucky. My job is secure and I have savings that I can fall back on. Not everyone is in this lucky place. So I plan to make it really count.

If you are fortunate enough to be in the same position as me, I implore you to consider donating your beer money to charity whilst we are in social distancing measures (and perhaps beyond.

As I am based in Nottingham, my three recommended charities are –

Obviously, I would love you to support these charities at this time, however, the main aim is for you to donate your beer money to a charity whilst you can’t go to the pub. The choice of charity can be yours.

It’s just a thought, but hopefully a nice one.


Photo by mnm.all on Unsplash

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