Charity Beer

We are living in unprecedented times. The Coronavirus is touching everyones lives. Of all the people that we need to support right now, those working in the NHS must be near the top of the list. So I would like to propose Charity Beer.

Like me, the idea is very simple.

I like a beer or 2. Infact, probably more. Yet I am now being told to avoid the pub. The consequence of this, is that I am not spending as much money on beer as I normally would.

I also work for 2 charities –

  • The Friends of QMC, Nottingham
  • Nottingham Hospitals Radio.

It is probably true to say that right now, the work these two charities do in Nottingham is great and perhaps never more important. Friends of QMC supports the patients, carers and staff of Nottingham’s QMC hospital. Nottingham hospitals radio entertains those in Nottinghams’s QMC and City hospitals.

Charities will be under pressure also

However, I believe most charities will also be struggling. People are not on the streets to shop in charity stores. People are worried about income and loved ones so do not think about charities. Fundraising event could be considered mass gatherings so have been cancelled.

The Idea I am going to follow

So what I have decided to do, is to donate the money I would spend on beer equally between these two charities for the next 3 months.

I recognise that I am relatively lucky. My job is secure and I have savings that I can fall back on. Not everyone is in this lucky place. So I plan to make it really count.

If you are fortunate enough to be in the same position as me, I implore you to consider donating your beer money to charity whilst we are in social distancing measures (and perhaps beyond.

As I am based in Nottingham, my three recommended charities are –

Obviously, I would love you to support these charities at this time, however, the main aim is for you to donate your beer money to a charity whilst you can’t go to the pub. The choice of charity can be yours.

It’s just a thought, but hopefully a nice one.


Photo by mnm.all on Unsplash

Eagle and Tun

Eagle and Tun

The last day of the Eagle and Tun.

This classic traditional pub, that was rescued from dereliction is closing. It is due to be demolished to make way for the HS2 rail line. This is sad indeed.

I visited this pub on its last day of trading, Saturday 4th January 2020.

This is what some would call ‘A classic boozer’. The pub would never win any awards for comfort. There is no way you would have called it stylish or well to do. The pub however was something of a classic. Above all, it had history. Unfortunately it has no future.

Eagle and Tun Tiled wall
Tiled Wall

The pub had some remarkable features such as an old tiled wall and classic lighting.

Around the walls and above the bar there were a number of aged musical instruments. The authenticity of which was only heightened by the an element of dust.

In such an establishment, the perfect complement would be high quality real ale. Even on the last day of trading when you might expect the standards to slip, the beer was excellently kept. A massive tribute to the landlord that had previously rescued the pub from dilapidation.


Not only did the pub have its own style and great beer, it’s history was scattered with fame.

Some of this fame was evident by the signed picture of UB40. This was the location for the famous Red Red Wine music video. More recently It was used by Ed Sheeran to shoot a music video.

What price progress?

The loss of this pub is truly regrettable. As it is consigned to the history books, I can only reflect on the future. The HS2 rail link is controversial and at the time of writing its own future is in doubt. This is not the only pub that has had to make way for this link.

I do recognise the need for modernisation, but I do wonder at the price that is paid. A price that is paid in so much more than money.

I wish the landlord every success in his next venture. He assured me the Eagle and Tun online presence will continue so we can follow his next adventure.

Good luck.


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UB40 Red Red Wine filmed at the Eagle and Tun here

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Strugglers Inn Frontage

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

The cathedral city of Lincoln is a vibrant and historic city. The Cathedral is world renown, the castle perhaps less well known.

The shopping area is filled with local stores ready for you to explore.

Just a minute or 2 from the main shopping area is an oasis of real ale in the form of the Strugglers Inn.

From the outside, you may perhaps be fooled into thinking that nothing special lies beyond the threshold. Don’t be fooled!

As you enter the pub, you get a warm welcome, not only from the landlady but from the blazing open fire (in winter obviously!).

Every inch of wall and ceiling plays homage to the glorious gift that is real ale. The mosaic of pump clips on the ceiling is a particularly impressive feature. Not only for its presence, but for the suggestion that each and every one of these clips has been on the beer pumps at some stage in the past.

The range and quality of ales that is available is impressive for such a small establishment. Each and every one is described and pulled by the knowledgeable staff or the landlady herself.

If you plan on visiting, please don’t expect any modern gadgetry. This is a gem of traditional pub. Visit for the experience, the decor and most especially the beer.

It is in my opinion, the best pub in Lincoln and very much worth a visit.

83 Westgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 3BG

The Feather Star, Wirksworth

Some of the best pubs in the UK are to be found in the countryside, small towns and villages. The Feather Star in Wirksworth is no exception to this.

Nestled on St Johns Street in the Derbyshire Village of Wirksworth, the Feather Star is a relatively new establishment. It markets itself as an ale house and record shop. In this day and age, that may seem a very strange combination, and to a degree it is, but it works remarkably well.

   Walking in through the front door is a little like stepping back in time, reminiscent of someone’s front room but with a shop style window.

The compact bar is in the corner of the room and there is an impressive range of real and craft ale.

As you venture up the stairs, you are met by racks of old vinyl albums for sale. There is a glorious selection and if you like the old LP’s it is difficult to imagine leaving the premises without making a purchase.

In the upstairs seating area the sense of music and fun continues. One of the main tables in this room is actually a twin record deck covered by glass. Music memorabilia is plentiful. In the corner is a pile of games and I can only imagine being in here on a cold winters evening, playing games and drinking beer. It must be totally sublime.

The pub has such a great feeling to it. It has a sense of tradition whilst at the same time managing to entertain with its quirky features. One of the most quirky parts must be the toilet. I can honestly say I have seen anything quite like this.

If you are ever in the area, I would strongly recommend a visit.

English Pubs

There can be no Englishman on this planet that does not appreciate the local hostelry known as the traditional English pub.

I think it is important at this stage, to define what I consider to be a traditional English pub. I am not referring to the big pub chains. Such chains are, in my opinion, far from a traditional pub. They have their place however. If you want to know exactly what you are going to get, usually with overworked, underpaid, inexperienced landlords and mediocre quality. I do refer to independent, quality pubs in traditional buildings with great atmosphere, good beer and food where the locals go. Independent ownership also means the landlord is likely to run a fine establishment and know his trade.

The great British pub is a true institution. They are a comfortable escape from the day to day life. They offer a warm welcoming atmosphere and can be the heart of the community. A true pub is a place where you can go and talk to friends or strangers alike.

Many of these pubs have a great history, the interior is often old fashioned and worn, whilst being fascinating in its intricacy.

A true pub will know how to keep the English Ale in great condition ready to be sampled by the thirsty regulars. The staff will know the beers that are all characters in themselves.

In short, they are traditional but different. Warm and Welcoming. Uniquely different.

I consider them to be my second home!

You may guess, that I like a beer and am of a certain age where I want to socialise in a comfortable safe environment. In other words, I like good pubs.

Whilst there are many guides out there, some of the organisations that write them have a different agenda. They need to make money so include pubs that shouldn’t really be listed. They often exclude pubs due to local politics.

I will, from time to time, reflect on a pub that I have visited that is worthy of a mention. When I feel this way, I will write about them on this blog under the category of pubs. Look out for my recommendations, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Such blog entries will be my own thoughts. Influenced by no-one other than myself.

I hope you will enjoy reading these entries as much as I will have enjoyed researching them!