I guess it is somewhat inevitable given the length of the current pandemic, that Coronavirus politics are starting to appear.

For me, there is absolutely no place for such things. We are at the centre of a crisis. The time for co-operation and positivity is now.


There can be no argument that mistakes have been made and will continue to be made. No rule book or instruction manual exists to cope with what we are currently experiencing. As long as the actions that are taken are in the best interests of the country and its heath we must accept them.

There is a place for sensible challenge

Whilst I do not accept that there is a place for political arguments and stupidity right now, there is a place for sensible challenge.

If there is an obvious error that we can avoid, then calling it out is absolutely the right thing to do. But again, keep politics out of it and keep it constructive.

There is only one winner or loser.

Right now, at this moment in what will be a large chapter in the history books of the future, there is only one winner or loser; the human race.

If we win this battle, the human race will survive. A truly remarkable victory. The alternative does not need thinking about!

The Major players

There are two main ‘players’ in this battle:-

  • The general public – Whilst we need some guidance from our governments, the general public sticking to the rules is such a critical activity. That means sticking to all the rules, not just the ones you agree with.
  • The Scientists – The real and complete answer to this pandemic will be provided by the science.

Focus on what is important

The important things right now is to support the key workers that are keeping the country going, and the scientists working out how to solve the problem.

I appeal to all to abandon party politics. Let us all move in one direction to a common goal.

A message to the media

Please stop with pointless questioning and point scoring. Please just report the facts. Information about the science. Let us form our own opinions. Bad media can be as deadly as the Coronavirus itself.

Let’s say ‘No’ to Coronavirus politics. There will be time to learn the lessons in due course.


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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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