Right now, face masks are very much in the news. However, I am more concerned with the mind behind the mask (or lack thereof).

I don’t believe that anyone likes wearing these masks. However, for the common good of everyone, the law demands that we wear them in certain circumstances.


It is perhaps a good time to understand the theory behind the rules and who they protect.

The mask is intended to stop the wearer infecting those around them by limiting the distance that water droplets from the person can travel. In other words, we are protecting those around us.

What does this say about the non-wearers?

When I consider this question, I arrive at two different answers.

The first is that these people do not understand the purpose of the mask and think that the risk of not wearing one is there’s. Perhaps they think they won’t get it.

The second is that these people just don’t care about others and have no morals.


This is such a massive question. Why do people think the rules don’t apply to them? What makes people think they can use the health loopholes without the actual ailment?

I am no psychologist so I just cannot answer that question. However, the question is largely irrelevant. Indeed, it should be replaced with the question; why can’t they obey the law?

I really do not know that answer to this question either. I can only suggest that they are either stupid, selfish or ignorant. Perhaps even all 3!


I think it is really sad and worrying that these people are out there. Right now, we need everyone to obey the rules. It matters not to me if you agree or like the rules or not. Rules are rules.

If we as a country are to get this virus under control, we must all obey the rules. Indeed the law.

Wearing a mask is a simple thing to do. Not massively pleasant, but simple non the less.

For those people who think they don’t need to wear them, I say, “Grow up. Play your part. Don’t be ignorant”

Be the good mind behind the mask!


Photo by Alin Luna on Unsplash

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