It has been suggested to me that what we are living through now is something that you would normally expect to read in a history book. Coronavirus is indeed writing a new chapter of that book. Perhaps the chapter can be called the Coronavirus legacy.

The disease does not recognise rich or poor. Nor does it select who to infect based on age or race.

Approaching the peak

At the time of considering this particular blog post, the United Kingdom believes it is approaching the peak of the pandemic. There is little more I can do right now. I will continue with social distancing and staying home. All that is left for me to do right now is consider what legacy the virus may leave behind.

A change is happening now, let us not change back.

It is probably no understatement to say that the country, indeed the world, will never be quite the same again.

Whilst there can be no doubt that the virus is powerful, we can also be sure that we will overcome. As a human race, we do come together when the need arises.

Staying positive

It is at this sort of time, that a person needs to stay positive. The crisis does seem to be bringing the best out of people. There are so very many positives to take.

Over 700,000 people have volunteered to help the NHS. There are hundreds of local schemes to help support the community. So many great stories. Examples of the community becoming one in a way perhaps not seen since the war.

If you have read any of my other blogs, you will know that I often appeal to people to slow down and ‘be in the room’. This crisis is forcing us to do that. The space in schedules is allowing people to think about others. To consider the community and the greater good. It is allowing people to rekindle the spirit and to consider others. I consider it truly glorious that what people call ‘the war time spirit’ is being rediscovered and acted on.

Keeping the legacy

I really hope that once this crisis is over, that each and everyone of us reflect on what has happened. We must remember the bad and learn those lessons. We must however ensure that we really remember and embrace that good. Would it not be a wondrous Coronavirus legacy for even some of this awesome community spirit continues.

Please consider how you can carve out some time to continue this legacy when we return to normality.

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