As a country, the United Kingdom has been in lock down for several weeks. The rules that we are operating under are simple, or so I thought. Seeing some people, I have to ask, Do I have it wrong?

I am very fortunate as I have a nature reserve on my doorstep. I am able to undertake my 1 hour of exercise alone, with social distancing very much in mind. I understand that many people do not have such a wondrous resource to use on their doorsteps. As such I note that for some, it is less pleasant. However, this is no excuse for stupidity, ignorance and arrogance.

They say you can’t teach stupid. It seems you cannot quarantine it either.

In Nottingham, it is believed that cycle activity was up over 300% during the last weekend over normal levels. In essence this is good news; people are exercising. However, I have witnessed groups of 5 – 20 cyclists out together. Clearly they don’t all live together, so it is against the rules. Do I have it wrong?

I have witnessed groups of mums out walking together with their kids. I find it hard to believe that they all live in the same house. It is a group of more than 2. Not only this, but judging by the car keys they were carrying, they had clearly driven to meet up. Do I have it wrong?

On my way home from the hospital earlier in the week, I felt so tired that I used the bus rather than walk. I was the only passenger on the bus at first. Another traveller boarded and sat on the seat behind forcing me to move. Is this social distancing or common sense? Do I have it wrong?

The rules are really simple

The rules are really simple. The vast majority of the population is doing an amazing job of staying in and being sensible. To all of those people, I thank you.

For those cockwombles that think they know better. Believe the rules don’t apply to them. Perhaps they feel it won’t happen to them. To this people I say don’t be so selfish, arrogant or stupid.

Consequences of stupidity

For those breaking the rules, I have one simple message; Stop!

I care not a jot for you. I do care for the people you may infect. The people in the emergency services and the NHS that put themselves in harms way to look after you and your victims are heroes and they should not be put in more danger than they already are.

When I see your actions, I weep for humanity.


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Photo by brut carniollus on Unsplash

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