In todays world, it is so very simple to succumb to the complexities in life that surround us. Equally, the complexities often make life convenient and lazy.

As I age, I am coming to recognise that so many things that appear simple, are in-fact, insanely complicated.

Do you ever stop and appreciate what life is surrounding you with? Do you consider the effort and complexity that is expended in making things seemingly simple? You only have to consider your winter mornings routine and the things that you take for granted. You wake to a warm house as the heating has come on. You turn the lights on. You turn the tap on and are provided with free flowing clean water. You may make a hot drink of Tea and Coffee.

All these things seem simple. Rest assured there is a sea of human endeavour and technology that makes these things possible. We harvest the earths resources, we manufacture, we transport, we build pipelines. All this is done to ease the burden and challenges of the human life.

Regrettably, most of those that consume these things on a daily basis give little or no thought about what it takes to make them happen. Perhaps if they did, the world would be a very different place.

I live in a first world country. I do not need concern myself with where the next meal is coming from. I need not concern myself with how to keep warm or hydrated. Life is so very simple and convenient. Sadly, for millions of people, this is not the case.

As I develop my blog and my associated thought processes, I have decided to create a series of articles about “The simple things in life”. Its aim is simple. Its aim is to discuss the simple things in life and perhaps provoke people to consider what they have and how lucky they are. To perhaps encourage people to try new things that can lead them to a better understanding.

The idea came from a wonderful couple of friends, who live on a tight budget but provide me constant motivation as they undertake simple tasks from craft to cookery to music. I am sure if they read this (and I think they will) they will know who they are. The inspiration they provide me leads me to try new things. They provide much inspiration for the creation of this blog and of some of its contents.

I thank them for their simple gift to me; Inspiration.

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