There can be no Englishman on this planet that does not appreciate the local hostelry known as the traditional English pub.

I think it is important at this stage, to define what I consider to be a traditional English pub. I am not referring to the big pub chains. Such chains are, in my opinion, far from a traditional pub. They have their place however. If you want to know exactly what you are going to get, usually with overworked, underpaid, inexperienced landlords and mediocre quality. I do refer to independent, quality pubs in traditional buildings with great atmosphere, good beer and food where the locals go. Independent ownership also means the landlord is likely to run a fine establishment and know his trade.

The great British pub is a true institution. They are a comfortable escape from the day to day life. They offer a warm welcoming atmosphere and can be the heart of the community. A true pub is a place where you can go and talk to friends or strangers alike.

Many of these pubs have a great history, the interior is often old fashioned and worn, whilst being fascinating in its intricacy.

A true pub will know how to keep the English Ale in great condition ready to be sampled by the thirsty regulars. The staff will know the beers that are all characters in themselves.

In short, they are traditional but different. Warm and Welcoming. Uniquely different.

I consider them to be my second home!

You may guess, that I like a beer and am of a certain age where I want to socialise in a comfortable safe environment. In other words, I like good pubs.

Whilst there are many guides out there, some of the organisations that write them have a different agenda. They need to make money so include pubs that shouldn’t really be listed. They often exclude pubs due to local politics.

I will, from time to time, reflect on a pub that I have visited that is worthy of a mention. When I feel this way, I will write about them on this blog under the category of pubs. Look out for my recommendations, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Such blog entries will be my own thoughts. Influenced by no-one other than myself.

I hope you will enjoy reading these entries as much as I will have enjoyed researching them!

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