Some of the best pubs in the UK are to be found in the countryside, small towns and villages. The Feather Star in Wirksworth is no exception to this.

Nestled on St Johns Street in the Derbyshire Village of Wirksworth, the Feather Star is a relatively new establishment. It markets itself as an ale house and record shop. In this day and age, that may seem a very strange combination, and to a degree it is, but it works remarkably well.

   Walking in through the front door is a little like stepping back in time, reminiscent of someone’s front room but with a shop style window.

The compact bar is in the corner of the room and there is an impressive range of real and craft ale.

As you venture up the stairs, you are met by racks of old vinyl albums for sale. There is a glorious selection and if you like the old LP’s it is difficult to imagine leaving the premises without making a purchase.

In the upstairs seating area the sense of music and fun continues. One of the main tables in this room is actually a twin record deck covered by glass. Music memorabilia is plentiful. In the corner is a pile of games and I can only imagine being in here on a cold winters evening, playing games and drinking beer. It must be totally sublime.

The pub has such a great feeling to it. It has a sense of tradition whilst at the same time managing to entertain with its quirky features. One of the most quirky parts must be the toilet. I can honestly say I have seen anything quite like this.

If you are ever in the area, I would strongly recommend a visit.

One thought on “The Feather Star, Wirksworth

  1. Scott says:

    This pub sounds as though it is very charming.

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